About the Project

About the Project

The WebPOL project consists in the creation of Virtual Environment of vocational training for European local police combining the actual training, an Internet training centre and an innovative training management system.

This training management system, intended for European local police human resources managers and for police inspectors, will statistically allow to manage the training plans of the involved police bodies, besides assigning the professional tasks based on the training profile.

The WEBPOL project tries to fit this European strategy of vocational training by developing new methodologies and incorporating the ICT to the European municipalities polices preparation.


The local policies of any city, training centres and educational centres where themes involved with local policy are studied are the main beneficiaries of this project. Nevertheless, the virtual training environment (technological support) could be easily transferred to any other police or European police corps (national- or regional-wide): national police, gendarmerie, carabinieri, garda, special corps, customs, frontier- police, maritime police, traffic, civil protection, etc. local authorities. Cooperation with the resolution of private conflicts.

Innovative aspects

The purpose of WebPOL introduces the following innovations:
  • Innovation in the selection of the target groups: obviously, WebPOL proposes the first ever training system designed for the European local officers. It will provide a new training methodology in field that has not yet made any progress in training.
  • Technological innovation: WebPOL incorporates the latest technologies to develop its virtual training environment, for example the video streaming of Real Player Plus. This way it will be able to receive complete lessons in video RM format without downloading great files from the Internet. The Multimedia Centre will also be designed with the latest transmission technologies (ADSL) with a speed of 256 Kbps (while the system will also be designed to work at home at a speed of 56 Kbps). This way, the students won't be discouraged because of the long downloading time that they would require to obtain the files without such technologies.
  • Innovation in methodology: because WebPOL combines traditional training and e-learning in an environment full of new elements: Interactive training units, videos, articles, interviews, bibliographies, interesting web links, practical cases, exercises, on-line exams, games, statistics, chats, links, evaluations, newsgroups, history…
  • Innovation in contents: New contents will be selected depending on the needs of society: new learning languages, new technologies, and daily used machines (TETRA, UMTS, WIFI, PDA's…), modifications of the rules, environmental offences, gender- based violence, the role of local police in a multicultural society, European co-operation…


WebPOL responds to the necessity of covering new training needs of the European Local Polices, such as the use of new technology and information systems, language learning, technological crime, dealing with immigration, changing rules, environmental crime, domestic violence, fight against international mafia, European cooperation,…

The training methodology is based on an innovative webpage, which serves as training support, with several tools: chat, instant messages, forum,…

Finally, WebPOL also aims to promote the cooperation between all the involved agents.